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Thursday, April 05, 2012


Questa mattina ho ricevuto una mail che mi ha lasciata BASITA, eccola ed ecco perchè, d'ora in poi, NON CONSUMERO' PIU' NULLA DELLA FERRERO O DELLA LINDT!!!


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Nick Allardice,
Date: 2012/4/5
Subject: Easter scandal

Tell Lindt and Ferrero to stamp out child slave labour and introduce ethical chocolate

Children as young as seven are enduring 16-hour days and beatings to produce the cocoa that major companies use to make chocolate. And only days before Easter, these companies are desperately competing with each other to maximise profits.

It’s their most lucrative holiday period -- but their profits will come from modern day child slavery. And while every other major chocolate company has already taken steps to ensure their cocoa isn’t harvested by children, Lindt and Ferrero continue to put massive profits ahead of basic child welfare.

Childcare worker Morgan Rayner loves chocolate. But when she found out about the children farming the cocoa, she could only imagine her 9-year-old little brother in their shoes. She’s started a massive global petition calling on Ferrero and Lindt to take immediate steps to make sure no children are involved in making their chocolate.

They can’t afford a huge consumer backlash and negative media coverage that will threaten their sales just days away from Easter -- if tens of thousands join her, the pressure and threat to their brands will convince them to act.

Join Morgan and tens of thousands around the world -- tell Lindt and Ferrero to stamp out child slave labour in their supply chain and introduce ethical chocolate now.

The use of child slaves to produce cocoa is well documented and widely recognised. In fact, there are 200,000 children working in cocoa farms in West Africa, where 70% of the world’s cocoa is farmed. [1]

But the movement to end child slavery in the chocolate industry is growing fast. Major brands like Nestle, Mars and Cadbury have already released products that are certified as child labour free. None are perfect -- but they’re all taking real steps in the right direction.

Lindt and Ferrero are the last two major brands still holding out -- and they’re under mounting pressure to ensure their own products aren’t produced by children in shocking conditions.

Easter is one of the most profitable times of the year for chocolate companies -- they’ll be more sensitive than ever to consumer pressure. It’s a chance to make real progress in ending child slavery -- but it will only happen if thousands join Morgan in shining a light on the issue, and convince Lindt and Ferrero that they have to act to protect their brands.

Click here to tell Lindt and Ferrero to introduce chocolate that’s free from child slave labour now.

Morgan is one of thousands of everyday people using to change their community for the better. From local issues to Apple consumers forcing the world’s largest company to take unprecedented action on workers’ rights -- individuals are coming together to win change like never before.

Thanks for being a part of this,

Nick and the team


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