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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Un Saluki che fa agility (video)

Non credo ce ne siano molti di Saluki che fanno agility!!! Comunque questo video è davvero carino ed i SALUKI SONO SEMPRE ECCEZIONALI!!!  .....e  io sono di parte!!!!!!!!! ahahahah!!!!!!!!!

Ad essere sinceri Pip non sembra molto entusiasta ...


Caroline Owen said...

The saluki in this video was my boy Pip, Altaya Sandpiper aged about 2 and a half. He loved agility and running but sadly died when he was 3 years old of leukaemia. We miss him very much.
His story is on his webpage
Caroline Owen

♥Edina♥ said...

Hi Caroline, it's terrible what u are saying! I do understand your feelings: recently two Salukis of mine have gone on the Rainbow Bridge and my soul is torn with grief...
I've just sent a kiss to your Pip: I believe that there' is Salukis' Heaven! ♥
I'll see your page, a big hug

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